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 Artist Acknowledgments


Blessings and Love,

I truly feel that nothing captures the Heart and leaves the Soul spellbound more than Art, which in all its expressions truly touches us and takes us away into magical realms of Light.
I feel so blessed and honored to be able to share these sacred art images on this site as they truly speak through the window of our eyes and into the very
Heart of our Souls.



Marius Michael-George


Visionary Art Gallery:

Marius is one of my all-time favorite artists in the Universe and is a dear friend as well. Marius’s art reflects the essence of his Soul’s true and deep connection to Angels and Master Beings of Light. His art is a portal into the many Realms of Heavenly Light. Marius’s art has been at the Heart of the Sophia Temple of Light’s divine decor… I have had the blessing to have three Soul portraits painted by Marius and I feel that each painting captures the essence of my Soul and by reflecting upon each image I have been able to embody these same qualities within my being. I am also so very honored that these portraits are now in two of Doreen Virtue’s card decks… I am enjoying bringing beautiful messages to people all around the world.

Marius Michael-George has said, “I paint Angels because they are an intrinsic part of my own nature and in the course of daily life I am always surrounded by people I believe are Angels in human form.”

Bio: Marius Michael-George is a classically trained visionary artist and art teacher who specializes in Sacred Art. He is a native of Eastern Europe and was born in Bucharest, Romania and presently divides his working time between an art studio in Paradise Valley, Montana and Art Gallery in Mt. Shasta, California. Scanning the unseen through the “eyes of the Soul,” Marius creates images that become portals into other realms that invite the viewer to participate in a spiritual experience. Angels, Faeries, Saints and Ascended Masters seem to feel at home in his studio and whether in ethereal bodies or physical form, they are the main protagonists of his compositions. Marius studied painting with one of the most prestigious masters of classical art in the U.S., Frank Mason, (at the Art Students League in New York City) and afterwards he was trained in the system of classical realism at Atelier LeSueur and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis. His original oil paintings and murals are found in both public and private collections across North and South America and Europe, and all of his artwork is published internationally as prints and cards.


craftKinuko Craft 

Artist Web Gallery:

The moment I saw my first Kinuko Craft heavenly painting I fell in absolute love with the beauty of it and I had to know who this amazing artist was who captures the true beauty of the Goddess… I love the colors she works with, the emotions she expresses and the way you just want to dive, fully alive, into her painting… She truly has captured the sacred feminine in such a beautiful way… I was enchanted and spellbound, spending hours and hours looking at every painting and every detail. I also feel blessed, for when I called to license her work I had the opportunity to speak with her at length about art, nature and animals, which we both have a deep passion for… Through our talk, I found out that we have so much in common. Kinuko is from Japan and I consider Japan to be my sister country and second home… I love how Kinuko loves her dog, for my dogs are my children… I feel so blessed to share Kinuko’s sacred art on my site.

Bio: “Kinuko Craft is a Renaissance woman. By this I mean not that she paints like the Renaissance painters, but that she is an artist for all seasons, for all kinds of subjects, and in all kinds of styles. If you will survey her works, you will find little duplication in form, color or texture. She fits herself to her subject with charming ease and yet leaves herself free to remain herself. There is an air about all of her illustrations of one who is a true connoisseur of art, wide-ranging through all the countries of the world. One cannot help but think how delightful it would be to walk into a gallery of her kaleidoscopic talents.”

Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today. She considers herself a storyteller. Her past commissions have included paintings for the book covers of many well known fantasy authors, opera posters, fairy tale books and covers for many national magazines. During her career she has become known for meticulous attention to detail, a passionate love of fine art and a deep knowledge of art history. Her fairy tale books are currently distributed in the USA, other English language countries, Europe, Greece, China and Korea. Her art is also widely licensed on calendars, posters, greeting cards and other consumer goods. Her work has been widely exhibited and is now in private collections in New York City, Atlanta GA, Santa Barbara CA, Dallas TX, Connecticut, San Francisco CA, Italy, Japan and Greece. It can also be found in public collections at the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian, the Cornish Colony Museum in Windsor, VT, the Museum of American Illustration in New York City, the National Geographic Society and other corporate collections.


wheavenlyrosepainting300Lily Moses

Goddess Art Gallery at Etsy:











Josephine Wall

Artist Web Gallery

Pure inspiration. Josephine Wall is simply inspirational, uplifting, motivating, at the very core of her being a living muse… Her imagination tells a story that exists beyond all space and time, a story that reminds us of the beauty that lives within each of our Souls and reminds us of the infinite possibilities that open up when we step into the creative spaces of the imagination.  


Catherine Andrews

Artist Web Gallery

I had the beautiful blessing to meet artist Catherine Andrews at the Oneness Conference in Los Angeles. This was significant and special for me as her painting of the golden Angels’ realm in Heaven of Angels is exactly how I experienced the seraphim Angels during the Near Death Experience that occurred when I was struck by lightning 18 years ago. Catherine’s image can be seen on my “Lightning Experience” page.