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Celebrating The Winter Solstice 2016

Pallas AthenaBeautiful Blessings and Love,
Taking a deep breath in, looking out across the soft pink, honey gold and carnelian colored sky, I am in awe of the artistry of the Creator and the beauty of this day. Here in Sedona, in this tiny corner and yet powerful portal of the world, the first morning rays of sunlight pierce the sweet green lushness of Goddess Gaia’s belly.
Journeying deep within the crystalline lattice Light byways of Cosmic Consciousness through Sedona’s energetic highways, we ride the waves of universal rivers of Light that are now spiraling through our luminous stellar gateway. As you read this you are also being infused with this magnificent energy flowing through your crown chakra and infusing every spinning atom, every crystalline cell within your magnificent body temple with Universal Grace and waves of Love. Encircling you now are your guardian angels, archangels and masterful Beings of Light, all here to help your Soul evolve in a beautiful metamorphosis of Crystalline DNA.
The celestial sky is encoded with seeds of life and seeds of awakening. These seeds are now blossoming within our human consciousness, bringing the inner stellar message that you are a beautiful co-creator who is constantly in communication with your I Am Presence and the universal grace of creative life Source, Mother Father God. And it is in this very moment that all of humanity is being invited to awaken, to take off the mask that society has chosen to represent you, your community, your country, the world. Time to let go of all the things you were told you are and step into the limitlessness that you truly are–infinite and beautiful beyond the most brilliant of stars!
Yes, it is true we have all felt the intensity of this last year. The energies we have experienced over this last year have included some of the most masterful archetypes of change. The Uranus/Eris conjunction and the Saturn/Neptune square have been more than living up to their intentions to purge the shadow from humanity, both personally and collectively. We are still in the middle of this process as we are all feeling to be more aware, more vigilant about what were are choosing and why. We are also learning that, collectively, our voice does matter, and that for change to happen it takes action on our end. And although, for some this has triggered fear, panic and even despair, the truth is that it is all a part of the divine plan to awaken us. To help us deepen our inner faith, our strength and to bring us together to create new pathways of Light that truly reflect the Heart and Soul of our Christ Consciousness. It is time to come together into a community of Light to empower each other, to walk our paths with grace, beauty, courage, Love and strength.
Even through all the worldly events, we cannot forget that we are in the midst of a powerful wave of Crystalline DNA transformation. We are becoming the butterfly. We are immersed in this process now, and will be for quite some time. This is the deepest truth and we cannot let anything pull us off our paths of Light, of illumination.
This month, on December 19th through January 8th, the change agent of Mercury in retrograde brings us into a deep place of inner reflection, truly calling and strengthening us to speak from our Heart. This is about truth-telling and being deeply honest with ourselves and others. Taking off the mask and looking at ourselves in the mirror of the Soul, we see deep into our Souls to see the beauty of our journeys, the beauty that exists in the world, and we now claim that inner wisdom.
It’s time to honor and know that we ourselves hold the key to our futures and that we came here knowing we would be tested and knowing that this testing would ultimately bring us to our knees, to bow our heads in deep prayer. Here in our silence we find that God/Goddess has always been here with us and that we are loved at the very core of our beings, for truly, we are made of Love. It is either Love or fear–let us choose love together. Let us close our ears to those that would make us fear, hate or lose our Soul’s integrity. This is the test of living in Light.
A Time for Celebration:
Illumination of the Soul
Enter the Winter Solstice,  The Seasonal New Year
As we journey into this New Year’s Solstice Gateway Celebration, we discover that as the beloved Solar King initiates his beloved bride, Gaia, she is being seeded with sacred sound and celestial Solar Light Codes. These Codes of Light carry within them the template for our crystalline DNA Divine Christos~Sophian blueprints. With each passage through a solstice gateway, our vibrational frequency is steadily increasing with higher vibrational cosmic wisdom, fueling us with Solar Christ awakening into Living Light.
The radiant and illuminating Light of the Sun has always been deeply revered by the Ancient Seers of Egypt, Lemuria, and the Mayan and indigenous cultures from around the world. For as long as human Souls have inhabited Mother Earth, the Sun has been a sacred symbol and source of Life, Light and Divine Love.
Ancient sages understood that our Sun is a gateway to Universal wisdom and that one could illuminate her own inner solar Light. This Living Light may be embodied through connecting deeply and making a direct relationship with the Solar Being of our Sun. The Sun, the Earth, and all of the planets are breathing, conscious, cosmic Beings of Light, givers and sustainers of Life and, through the Sun’s rays, human life is illuminated, sustained and nourished in the loving and giving arms of Gaia (Mother Earth).
The High Priest and Priestess in the mystery schools celebrated the Solar Day of Light–the Solstice–by activating and aligning their solar bodies of Light with the three main cosmic rays that connect the Earth with the Sun, the Milky Way and the Center of the Universe, aligning the very fabric of our beings throughout all time and space.
These three rays are the galactic rays that initiate and radiate from the Milky Way’s Heart center in the spiraling arm of Sagittarius, and from which we receive our feminine (yin) energy and the grace that nourishes all life. This ray connects and flows through our ida pathways, the feminine energy pathway that begins at the base of the spine and travels up into the right brain hemisphere. The (male) Solar Ray flows through our pingala pathway–from the base of the spine to the left-brain hemisphere and contains masculine Codes of Light that fuel the fire and Divine Will within us. This ray is generated from the Heart center of our Sun. The Universal Ray spirals forth, spilling over with grace from the very Heart center of our universe, from the place where Christos~Sophia is in absolute rapturous Love and Creation. Fully balanced, these energies symbolize the sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine energies within. It creates a neutral point of Oneness, and exists within the central sushumna channel as a tube of Light flowing up the spinal column. This ancient practice of embodying the three celestial rays allows the adept to receive the relayed cosmic and galactic transmissions of Light and higher evolution that are transmitted through the Solar Gateway of the Sun.
At this very present moment, the cosmic energy transmissions of Light will be sent to us through our I Am Presence, flowing into the Stellar Gateway and Crown through the loving grace of our Beloved Divine Mother Sophia and her bridegroom Christos, Mother Father God, through their Crystalline Solar DNA Initiation. This blessing provides a profound opportunity for us to be rebirthed through the Solar Gateway of this month’s galactic aligned Solstice Celebration–symbolizing our Spirit’s ascension into the Divine–the reunion of self as One with Divinity.
This Solstice Gateway is also aligning and activating your Stellar Gateway to receive the new Photon Codes of Living Light. Your Stellar Gateway is the higher vibrational pillar of Light that extends from your Soul~Star Chakra (approximately 8 inches above your Crown chakra) reaching all the way up to your I Am Presence, allowing you to stay vibrationally connected to the very heartbeat of the Alpha and Omega, the seed point from where all things are birthed. This channel is fully accessible through the balancing of our Solar Masculine (pingala) and galactic feminine channels (ida), to the Stellar Gateway.
As you sit in silence, tune in to your Heart and you will be able to feel your energetic Light body pulsating in Divine Rhythm with the Heart of the Divine Mother and Father. If you allow your Heart Star to lift through your Crown, going straight up, you can journey through your Stellar Gateway and into the web of Light–to the rhythm of Life that exists as a luminous crystalline matrix that is connected to all things. Truly, as you breathe into your Heart you can feel the pulsating rhythm of all of the stars in the cosmos dancing in harmony with your own Heart Star.
The key is in how you intend to align your energies, so it is important, especially in these times, that we sit, tune in and set our intentions to align with the very highest vibrational Light that we at this moment can assimilate. And as we assimilate more and more Light, as we drink this Divine Elixir into our being, we illuminate our cells with this crystalline effervescent diamond Light.
At this time, the Sun will be dancing within one degree of the Galactic Cross, activating the Galactic ray from the Heart Center of Sagittarius, giving us a supercharged infusion of Divine Manna, LIGHT.
The exact Solstice Point will take place when the Sun enters Capricorn at 2:45 am. The Sun in Capricorn will activate the Solar Codes of the ancient wisdom keepers, calling us to remember and activate our own innate inner wisdom. If you have a quartz crystal, this is a wonderful time to hold your crystal in your hand and ask to be downloaded with the wave of Universal Wisdom and grace that is now spiraling, flowering and flowing into our Stellar Gateways, activating your Universal Self from within, the part of us that is deeply immersed and connected to the All That Is.
Then, as we enter into the evening of our Solstice gateway of Living Light, all the Elementals, our Nature Spirits, will dance in sacred harmony with the blessings of the beginning phase of the Sun in Capricorn. Overflowing with supercharged activations and cosmic alignments, the new seeding of the Capricorn Sun will initiate the Wisdom Codes of Light within us. Capricorn, the Earth archetype, helps us to lay down a new foundation for our dreams to grow from. As we are evolving, so is the archetypical energy of the progression of the equinox, the constellations, and so Capricorn has now entered into the circle of the ancient Star Grandmothers, activating the feminine codes of wisdom. During our Solstice celebration, these Star Grandmothers take center stage on the celestial scene. They are infusing us with deep inner truth and Star Wisdom, inviting us to truly activate and illuminate what is written within the most passionate dreams of our Heart, helping us to truly embody our truth as co-creators within the Matrix of Creation.
This is a time to align our dreams for 2017 within the powerful 6-pointed Heart Star. Our Heart Star is aligned within the pulsating rhythmic Heart Star of Gaia, the luminous Christ Light of our Solar Ray, the Sun and the Galactic Ray of Sophia, the Sacred Feminine Bride of God. And to align our dreams with transformational empowerment in the days following our ceremonial celebration of Solar Light Truly activating our transformation and metamorphosis in this New Year, this New Time.
Celestial gateways are powerful times to turn within and listen to the inner voice of your Heart and to share your inner vision with your Soul. Take an inner journey to the Light of your Soul, listen deep within and write your declaration, or statement, of Soul Purpose. Ask yourself what your passionate Heart is calling you to do at this time in your life. Take some time to explore what your Heart is longing to share, become, feel, live, be.
Go deep within and discover what your Soul is inviting forth in this time. Is this a time of learning or a time of implementing your dreams into action? What steps do you need to take to bring your dreams into reality? As you explore your Soul’s Solar Expression, you must also honor your dreams by taking the necessary steps to fulfill your Soul’s sacred contract.
This Winter Solstice is a joyous celebration of Soul awakening as we open our Hearts to the Light with dance, music and nourishment for the Soul. At the time of the solstice, we can come together Mind, Body and Heart to rebirth ourselves through the cosmic Solar Gateway of the Sun.
As we awaken our passions with Soul Purpose, we experience supreme bliss!
As we have joyfully entered into our Winter Solstice Gateway of Light, I am in deep gratitude for the journey we have been on together. Looking back, this has been a truly transformative time for all of humanity. The beauty of the human Spirit is awakening, we are feeling more compassionate, more at oneness, our Light is really shining through and it is good to have found my Soul family in you. With all of my Heart, I am wishing you the most beautiful of holidays, those that are warmly shared with family and friends, while together we look forward to stepping through the magical New Year’s portal of Living Light & Dreams Come True!
In Love, Susanna Sophia