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The Wild Feminine is Rising

A Global Goddess Shift is Taking Place:

 The Wild Feminine is Rising


A Powerful and Potent Gateway is

Now Reflecting this in the Heavens

On March 31st, 2017

Venus Will Rise

as the 

Morning Star

in the

Sign of Aries,

Activating the

Wild and Free Spirit

of Your Sacred Feminine


Inviting us on a

Pilgrimage of the Heart

Together in Sisterhood, our Feminine Voices Rise Today 

Express Your Truth Once Again and

Reclaim Your Sovereignty,

Empowering You to

Speak From Your Authentic Self

We Walk Our Talk


Wild Divine Feminine Warriors of the Light


Spring is

A Magical Time of

Renewal and Rebirth 

A Time to Plant the Seeds

of Our

New Vision of Destiny

As Sophia Rises.


The Magdalene has Returned,

Calling Her Priestesses and Her Soul Family

into Sacred Circle Once More,

Inviting You to Re-member and Embrace

Your True Wild Woman Essence


As we enter into this Spring Equinox Gateway, Goddess Sophia is on the horizon, beaming pulsating waves of unconditional Love and freedom into the Hearts and Minds of all Humanity.

With our Hearts aglow, our inner goddess is being rebirthed within the very core essence of our being. This is important for men as well as women. As we have entered into the time of the Spring Equinox, we enter the gateway of balance—balancing the hemispheres of Earth as well as our inner brain hemispheres. Here, we balance our masculine and feminine natures.

Just after our powerful eclipse cycle in February, Venus went retrograde in Aries on March 4th, then on March 31st she rises in Aries as the Morning Star.  

This deep activating initiation of Venus rising in Aries calls us to the fire to dance and honor our sacred Wild Feminine soul to embody our feminine Aries expression. 

As we enter this 19-month cycle, we will be experiencing a whole new aspect of our feminine Warrior Woman—soaring with courage and inner authenticity like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. We are reclaiming and rebirthing ourselves, aligning and anchoring the reemergence of the new voice of the Sacred Feminine. Free, expressive, courageous, fearless and vibrantly alive, we are committed to reclaiming and sharing our unique soul essence in the world.

On March 31, 2017: Venus stationed retrograde will rise up at 1 degree of Aries to embody the energies of the feminine Aries archetype. After this 8-year cycle, Venus will not be in Aries as she will  rise up in Pisces for the next 104 years. This signifies this moment in time as being pivotal to reclaiming and remembering and rebirthing the Sacred Feminine values of the spiritual warriors for Love and compassion on Earth.

Long ago, when our planet was young, the Goddess’s spirits was aligned with her male counterpart. Here, she was honored in all of her sovereignty, beauty, and her multi-dimensional self. At the core of her center was a Wise Woman with deep intuition and a Heart so open that from its flame flowed unconditional love and honor for all of life. She was a powerful force full of passion and she held within herself the creative womb fires of birth, life and death. She followed the seasons, honoring Mother Earth. She walked side-by-side with her beloved bridegroom, bringing balance to the world consciousness. 

As time went on and as humanity became more and more rooted into materialism, Man began to compete for land and treasure. And this was the beginning of wars that were a means to acquire the great riches of the fertile lands and waters. The Goddess in the fullness of her Heart could not perceive fighting over Love. She could not understand or condone her sons being sent to war—and so she spoke out against such things.Taken out of the council, she was silenced and her voice was stilled. Those who would choose material things over Love conquered and conquered, loosing respect for human life as well as nature. And thus was the beginning of the fall of the Goddess. She was viewed as week, a thinly veiled ghost, and she was labeled virgin, saint, prostitute, or sinner. Persecuted for sharing her wisdom and healing gifts, she went deeper underground, deeper into the Dark Night of the Soul.

In every aeon of time, a new age begins and an Avatar comes forth to overlight humanity. A little over 2,000 years ago, Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene came to Earth in Divine Love and Service for humanity. Their missions included re-establishing the Sacred Holy Marriage Vows of the Hieros Gamos to once again bring the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies back into synergy to restore the truth that we are all Divine.

During their embodiments on Earth, Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew that their time was limited and that the free will of man would take its course—as that is the law of this realm. In their very short time on Earth, together they planted crystalline seeds of Divine Remembrance within our Hearts, knowing in wisdom that as we entered into this New Renaissance of Spiritual Enlightenment, these cosmic seeds would be nurtured by the Light and begin to grow within us. Finally, and at the right time, they roused us from our long sleep, knowing that as the Light increased on Mother Earth we would remember who we are, once again giving us the courage to walk the mystical path of our Soul’s journey into Love.

Now, two thousand years later and as we are flowering into the Golden Age of Aquarius, we are once again receiving the frequencies of the Crystalline Solar Waves of Christos~Sophia’s sacred Heart fire. Emerging from a long sleep, we are finally arising to know our Divine Feminine Christ Self. If you tune in, you can truly feel that the Spirits of Beloveds Christ, Magdalene, and Sophia have returned to this realm to guide us into our Soul’s next evolution of Love. If you sit quietly and feel into it, you can feel the waves of their Unconditional Christ Love surrounding you, flowing into you. Their Presence is being felt everywhere. We are waking up to remember the sacred truths that Yeshua and Mary Magdalene came to bestow upon all the Children of Light, that you and I and every living being are One with the Christos~Sophia, our Heavenly Mother and Father.

With this awakening, so too must the feminine voice be returned to her authentic nature as an equal and free spirit walking beside her Sacred Masculine counterpart. Free to follow her dreams, free to share her truth and to reclaim her sovereign place of honor within her community, her country and the world. 

Within the shakti fire of each woman is a wild and untamable spirit filled with desire, passion and amazingly overflowing with creative life force energy. Ardently devoted to those she Loves, she is grace in motion, she is the mother protecter, fierce and full of courage. This Wild Feminine archetype is wise beyond her years; she is the essence of the Living Goddess. Dancing with the tides of the Moon, she flourishes under the golden rays of the Sun. She is within me, she is within your sisters, and every woman that you meet. To find her, simply look deep within the eyes of every woman you meet—she is ready to dance with you at the ceremonial fire, ready to dream with you, to dream this world anew. 

Mary Magdalene shares that it is time for us to reclaim this inner fire, this potent and powerful creative life force—to give Intention, Strength and Love to our dreams, and to honor our choices and our ability to change the world.

In Divine Love, Susanna Sophia