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 Welcome to the
Magdala Rose Path 

 Your mystical Magdala Rose Pilgrimage takes you on a spiraling journey that invites you to enter into the living chalice of your Heart to fully embrace the essence of your Inner Priestess. 

The Way of the Rose


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As you enter the Rose~Heart Temple of

Beloved Goddess Sophia,

You enter into the Living Chalice of

Divine Feminine Grace…

Here within the luminous Light of

Sophia’s Heart Flame,

You are held in the sacredness of her

Warm embrace.

Honoring your Journey into Life,

Sophia envelopes you within her

Essence of Love

So that you may know yourself

As Divine. 

This sacred site space is devoted to

The Path and The Way of Love 

As taught within the sacred teachings of

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.  

It is dedicated to the unfolding of the 

Divine Blueprint within Each and every

Soul on Earth.

In Love, Susanna Sophia


 Susanna Sophia Hart


Blessings Priestesses & Pioneering Souls,
With arms and heart open wide I invite you to join our Community of Light...I am very much looking forward to our sharing...


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